This day has probably been one of the most tiring I've experienced in, oh, a very very long time. However, it did happen to present many hilarious moments during its course and thus it is worthy of daylogging, I think.

I'm functioing (barely) on three hours of sleep, and so, I am not sure precisely how coherent this might be.. never the less, here is my day, summarized for convenience and the like.
  • I woke up around 5am, after wandering off to sleep around 3am, which left me quite thoroughly exhausted. Luckily, sleep deprivation generally makes for comical happenings. (This was especially true today.)
  • We left the house around 5:30, and I was relatively chipper, in that "I know I didn't sleep enough but it's making me act strange" sort of way. Listened to upbeat crazy pop music until I was too tired to move my arms, they felt really heavy and then I drifted in and out of sleepyland for the three hour car ride to our destination.
  • We went apartment/house searching, and looked through numerous houses and a few apartments. Key points here: Nearly all of the houses we looked at are quite slummy and some of them trashed. In one, there was a polaroid of a naked post-shower male tacked to the back of the door. Frightening, to say the least. There was also silly string all over the place. We looked at another place that had no doors on any of the rooms aside from the bathroom, this was not so good. It was a crazy, crazy place. And then, there was the trashed place.. fully stocked fridge that hadn't had electricity in about a month. Disgusting to say the least, but sadly, it was probably the best place we looked at all day. We looked at a few other places but none were quite so interesting as the one with the Matrix standup cardboard thing pinned over a huge gaping hole in the living room wall. The hole went right through the wall into the front bedroom. There was also a variety of empty alcohol bottles strewn about the kitchen window sill. Ahh, looking through houses is fun. We had numerous laughs and such.
  • We ate lunch at pizza hut. Bleh.
  • Unfortunately, we managed to hit rush hour traffic on the way home because we took too long in the city. I hate cities. That stupid city smell. Makes my throat hurt. Cars are evil.
Overall, the day was just exhausting and I'm quite drained of energy I might have had were it not for the city adventures. I need to wander off to dreamland now, I think. I'll update this tomorrow when I remember the other funny stuff that happened.