- "i'm wonderin' if this is some kind of creative drought" -
brian wilson

i think, perhaps, that the barenaked ladies album "gordon" is possibly the best collection of music ever, at least for this morning. so many memories tied up in the chords and vocals and offbeat notes scattered, floating around.

i'm awake early again and.. this is becoming a pattern, i've noticed. i remember waking up and there was.. thunder, briefly but it was intense and loud. i went downstairs to make sure someone had bothered to turn the computers off, and they had, which left me wondering if i'd missed any messages on irc or aim. i don't like people touching my computer, it's one of those things that i'm protective of, i guess.. everything is here where i need it and where i know it is and if someone else disturbs it, i don't know anymore.

i haven't been able to write much lately.. whether this is just a temporary thing or not, i don't know. i have the desire, but not quite enough.. motivation? i think i need something like 'whose node is it anyway?' or a nodeshell challenge, something along those lines. on another note, i think i can write on the spot fairly well now. that's kind of dreamy though i guess i could always do that..

i want more plants. i'll get some today i hope. need to open a bank account. i'll make this daylog worthy of existing later.