i am.. typing with heavy fingers and too much thought, more than i care to handle. i was.. staring up at a sky full of stars and whispering things into a wind that will never reach you, but i wish i could just touch you for a second so that i could watch all of this fall from importance.

why does everyone doubt my feelings for them?
is it so hard to accept that i do care? and..
can't you see past yourself for a second,
perhaps even long enough to realize that i am
for you, and everyone else, because most times
i don't honestly care about me.

i wish i could take the blame this time, all of it, but don't you see that you should be asking how i am, and not how my apparent distance is effecting you?

if there is one thing i'd love to rid the universe of, it's this.. terrible all-encompassing doubt. you think in a matter of days an entire friendship is gone, but you don't tell me, you tell others and let it get back to me. wish you'd stop that. wish i had enough of.. whatever i'm missing right now, to tell you everything since having it laid out plainly before you isn't enough.

i am so tired. and it isn't simply because i didn't get enough sleep last night..

i miss you so much tonight.

i just want to quit.

"i'm just tryin' to get myself some gravity.."