I could theoretically write this in the previous days log considering it happened on July 31, 2000, but if you care to look back there, it appears a billion people already wrote daylogs and I want to be one of the first before the node becomes nothing but a huge vote dump. Actually, I could care less, but I just feel like having a fresher start, or something. Okay, enough with the excuses.

So we went to WALMART tonight, oh WALMART, greatest of establishments constructed solely for the consumer, the consumer looking for stupid crap you don't need, that is! Multitudes of random junk, little toys like singing key chains (don't dance around to these things, security will start following you, trust me). I couldn't believe the amazing amounts of stupid stuff there was! I guess I just hadn't been in a while, it was all quite overwhelming, all the little shoppers milling around carrying odds and ends of.. stuff. My friend bought a glitter lamp, which is of course useless but for the neat water'y effect it will make on the ceiling of our new place when we finally make it there some time next month. I was drawn to this ice cream scooper whilst we were there, it was a penguin and it was so infinitely dreamy but.. it was twelve dollars. I mean, twelve dollars! I couldn't convince myself I needed an ice cream scoop that badly, considering I don't even eat ice cream but once a month if that. I managed to spew something along the lines of, "This product is far too costly! I am on a limited budget of close to NOTHING here!" The only reason we went to Wal-Mart in the first place was to make use of the one hour photo service, but they were already backed up by 8 and so we were too late, and will have to send it away because we don't make it in to the city often enough to warrant waiting. All those mingling shoppers are at fault!

I miss you so incredibly much that if it weren't asleep my little heart would be aching right now. Fortunately, I'm almost too tired to think coherently, though I generally don't think in an organized fashion as it is. The only thing good about waking up in the morning and then going back to sleep are the crazy fun dreams you have when you're in that semi-awake state of greatness.

We stopped at Tim Horton's, the little donut shop on the way out of town and we purchased some donut'y product and some Iced Cappucino goodness. There was a friendly little fly visiting all of the donuts and I suggested my friend launch herself over the counter in a crazed rage and slam her fist down onto the fly while it was feasting on some honey dip. I also noted that it completely avoided the bran muffins, even though there were full rows of those things, because hey, let's face it, not that many people eat bran muffins and they really should just have one sitting somewhere in case some irregular individual wanders in, desperately seeking fibre.

So, me and my friend managed to go through a series of Bloodhoung Gang tunes (singing them from memory, poor memory at that), on the way home. My mother was quite entertained.. obscenity is funnee, you know?

I'm exhausted, and not feeling that well after Cappucino consumption so I think I'll wander off for now.

Note: Buy... product.. product is your friend... spend.. money.. I can help you over.. here.. we are inherently evil..er, good.. Jesus wants you to have that plastic pokemon character! That reminds me, I also took the time to write JESUS on an etch-a-sketch, it was obviously asking for it, sitting there with the dials all sticking out and the like.

It should also be noted that my ex decided to e-mail me tonight for whatever reason, like I should care that he exists, ignore all the lies. I have a feeling his new girlfriend hasn't told him about our little chats together.. figures, she's like that. Oh well.. I'm going to bed.