I suppose, having not read the novel (and never intending to at this point), I can't note any discrepancies between the two, and thusly anything I say is in reference solely to the movie randition of American Psycho.

This film falls, and quite easily, into the most disturbing movies I've ever seen category. It's a mindfuck, and though I could say I wish I hadn't watched it I'd be lying, because I could have left at any point during it. I didn't. I sat through the entire thing, and little parts of it made me want to cry, other parts made me wonder about life in general. Anything that can make me think as this movie did, is worth watching, but I wouldn't recommend it to any of my friends for a few reasons.

The thing that does bother me, is how on earth does someone write things like that? How do you think such terribly messed up thoughts and not be a psycho yourself? Granted, I guess it's possible to think absolutely anything and not actually want to act on it, or do it, but to meticulously describe things like that and create what I would assume is an accurate portrayal of someone who is like that.. it seems entirely too strange.

The reasons, though, that I wouldn't recommend it to my friends in particular.. it's too graphic, it's too twisted, and it reflects reality just a little too much amidst all of the insanity and disturbingly calm, settled chaos. Sometimes I think we've enough to screw our minds around without something manufactured solely to do that. Then again, maybe not.. I wonder if this node even went anywhere.