Stanford Abbreviated

The fact that the full names of certain things on campus are not required for unique identification. Helps propagate the rumor that Stanford kids aren't that bright compared to the Ivy. Along with the notion that Cal Sucks and there is no dating at stanford, this one is pounded into your head from the first day you step foot on campus. As you can tell, some of them evolved naturally, while others are awkwardly forced into existence.

building/place abbrs

Tres Ex - Tressider Express

The Kwik-E-Mart of the campus. It is housed in Tressider Union, Stanford's attempt at a Student Center. If you are on campus, in dire need, and have no access to a car, here's the place to come. Tres Ex has a multitude of different overpriced items; such as: cigarettes, soap, detergent, and ice-cream; however, if you're a brand-loyalist, you won't find Turkish Golds or Luckies there. Nor Dial.

Co Ho - The Stanford Coffee House

Also housed in Tressider, the Co Ho is well known by upperclassmen for its rustic and grungy appearance and similar crowd. The place was remodeled in 2000 and lost some of its flair. Afterwards, the average age went up about three years.

Co Po - The Corner Pocket

Not as well known as the Co Ho, the Co Po serves pizza and smoothies to the graduate students who don't have meal plans.

Mem Aud - Memorial Auditorium

The commonly used student and class gathering place. The most frequent use is by Flick's for weekly movies; it is also used for drama productions and musical acts throughout the year. The LSJUMB plays at some of these events, such as the well-known Berkeley bashing Gaities.

Mem Chu - Memorial Church

The church with the beautiful facade one sees in most of the postcards of Stanford. A number of the on-campus religious groups have daily or weekly services. According to campus history, the church is supposed to be a peaceful place away from daily student life; it's definately beautiful. Also known for the organ loft and the great acoustics used by a number of on-campus musical groups.

Flo Mo - Florence Moore Hall

One of the dorm clusters on campus. Initially, because Flo Mo was to be an all female dorm and pretty close to the fraternities, it was built on stilts. However, once a bunch of the frat boys moved out of the houses and into the dorms, they filled in the first floor.

institutional abbrs

Res Ed - Residential Education

The Man with respect to dorm life. Known for its hard-to-get-through burocracy.

Res Comp - Residential Computing

The people controlling all the dorm and house computing.

LSJUMB - Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band

The Stanford Band.

student abbrs

Pro Fro - Prospective Freshman

The highschooler who was recently admitted to the college and coming to visit before his or her descision. Sometimes accompanied by controlling and judgemental parents. He can be seen walking around campus 10 feet in front of his parents, as is expected of that age. He most of all wants to get drunk at a true frat party. His interest mainly lies in going to a frat party for the first time, but he can chill at the dorm party if there's alcohol. The question he most commonly asks: "is there dating at stanford?"
Ho Ho - House Host
The student responsible for all the Pro Fros in a house during Pro Fro weekend. Kind of like their temporary RA.
Ro Ho - Room Host
Usually a freshman or sophomore who volunteers his room for Pro Fros to sleep in while they are visiting. Often have a stash of liquor to corrupt the high-schooler, but this practice is not recommended, as some hosts have been kicked out by Res Ed because of this.