A house style, popular in America in the early part of the 20th century.

A foursquare is named for the fact that it consists of two floors of four square rooms, each square room right over the top of the other. A top half story, usually dormered and under a hipped roof, complete the basic design. A full length front porch is also typical.

To this simple box shape, builders added details from the Mission and Craftsman design styles. Along with bungalows, foursquares were to the teens and twenties what split levels were to the sixties and seventies. They are among the most recognizable house style in America.

Because of the current popularity of Victorian styles and general ignorance, most foursquares are misidentified by real estate agents and house sellers as Victorians. This is ironic, since the simplicity and honesty of the style were seen as a reaction against the excesses of Victorian style at the time these houses were built.