7:30 am - Well, today was a milestone in my life. Today, for the first time ever, I touched a mac! It was odd at first. They were so smooth and colorful, not like my computer. It was a G3 iMac of some sort. I had heard of these from friends and the local telegraph. I had even seen them before, but never actually touched one, never actually bathed in it's soft glow or felt it's smooth plastic comfort my skin. But I left smudgy fingerprints on it by accident because I had just eaten some chicken. It's refresh rate was magnificent (though it's software was mostly clunky) and it crashed atleast thrice. This was all at a friend's house.

11:00 - Man we really trashed my friend's place. It was covered in pizza boxes and pizza and beer cans (although I never touched the stuff in my life) and cat feces. The cat feces was from this cat we brought in the house, even though my friend (Maximus) explicitly told me us not to. We gave the cat to a shelter later and it smelled like cat feces and beer and pizza (because it was rolling in some). They cleaned it up nice and I hope some little kid picks it up so it can live happily].

2:30 pm - I was watchin' the sci-fi channel when my chair broke. It was an old chair I had, a rocking one. It was an ugly shade of dark green, it offered no comfort to it's users, and it was covered in crap but it was my chair, and I loved it. I had been very sad after that, but then I thought about the iMac and took a pee and it made me feel better.