By far the weirdest television program I've ever seen, the Quebec metanode just jarred my memory and made me remember it. It featured a dwarf and an old hermit-guy, and was the precursor to a lot of the reality TV which is so popular these days.

Basically, two Quebec celebrities and two regular Joes are taken out to this island with a big castle on it. This is Fort Boyard. They wear tight clothing and must answer riddles and do certain stunts to get to a treasure. Some stunts I remember: climbing up the side walls of the fort using hand-pedals, sticking your hand into a tank full of tarantulas to get a piece of paper off of one of them (was also done with scorpions, I believe).

The treasure at the end was in a room surrounded by tiger cages, and the gimmick was that you only had a minute to gather as much gold as possible and get out before the door closed and the tiger cages opened, and you were left to die.