I love having dreams that are so fun that you make yourself go back to sleep just so you can see what happens next. This was a refreshing from the cosmic end of the world dreams that I've been having lately.

I was participating in some kind of concert. Actually, it started off as one of those dreams where you're thrown into a situation that you haven't prepared for. You don't know your lines in the play. You don't have an acceptance speech. You know the kind. So anyway, I felt disoriented and unprepared until I overheard from someone that I was going to be playing "Sorry I Am" by Ani DiFranco. I immediately relaxed, which tells you just how much I need to learn some new songs. Even in my dreams, I'm on automatic. My biggest worry was that I'd better hurry up and tune my guitar to DADGAD before it was time to go on.

So just before I stepped out onstage, I looked out at the crowd and I was really happy to see so many people, all of whom I didn't know. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I spied Jian Ghomeshi, of Moxy Früvous, and I started just spitting, trying to figure out why he was at *my* concert and how I could get him to leave. For some reason, I really didn't want to sing this song in front of him (actually, there is a very valid reason why even in real life I would feel uneasy, but I choose not to get into that right now).

But I got over my rage quickly and my attitude changed to a kind of "whatever... let's do it anyway." So I stepped out on the stage, and already there, in a spot I hadn't been able to see from backstage, was this chubby little middle-aged South American woman who really reminded me of someone I worked with over 2 years ago. She was holding a microphone karaoke-style and started singing MY song before I even got out to the middle of the stage. Badly, too. I tried just playing along, but not only was she completely off-key, but she was also muttering and following some sort of internal tempo.

After about a verse of this, I realized that I really was not enjoying having this woman butcher my performance, and so I stopped playing and grabbed the mic from her, I mean ripped it out of her hands. And I told her off. "Who asked YOU to do this? You're ruining my fucking song!" I yelled. She withered and said that she was only trying to help me, but the pity thing didn't work and I sent her off the stage. I was just about to finally play my song, and then I woke up.

I went back to sleep to see if I was going to be any good, but I don't actually remember that part.

And that was this morning's dream.