An extremely quirky Sega-designed videogame which is one of the three launch titles for the Japanese launch of the Nintendo Gamecube in September 2001.

Continuing the great Japanese tradition of videogames starring monkeys (see also the totally deranged n' brilliant 'Ape Escape'), you play a monkey who has to roll in a giant ball across tilting and twisty levels, collecting, yes, bananas. And, uhh, the game is officially sponsored by Dole, the famous banana vendor - a natural, if surreal tie-in.

The game itself plays like Marble Madness on many psychedelic drugs, and includes some really neat multiplayer party modes, somewhat in the vein of Mario Party or similar. I, for one, have always yearned to play monkey golf and monkey bowling, so I guess my life is now complete?

Oh, and as an aside, see if you can download the Japanese TV advert for the game somewhere online. Again, too surreal to be described easily, it involves a real-life monkey and some shock-haired Japanese scientists clowning around - and a weirdly phallic moment with a banana which i'm sure only Westerners guffaw in a juvenile manner at. Ohdear.