This morning, me, my flatmate, her boyfriend, another couple, and another friend met to have brunch in a café near the Rhine.
After about twohundred picture´s of my flatemate´s journey to Thailand which I had already seen and more or less boring talk, I afterwards felt more asleep than two hours earlier. We went for a short walk along the Rhine before splitting up.
I cycled back home, changed and went jogging, because it´s a really nice day out..sunny and warm. I live near the Rhine too and when I was just about to take the stairs down to the lower level,
I was suddenly reminded of another Sunday morning,
two weeks ago in Amsterdam
where I spent all morning in a small café near the Anne-Frank-Museum drinking three caffelatte,
reading my book, listening to old Lenny Kravitz songs.
Then I was unbearable happy just to be there,
these instants,
not knowing anyone, not being known by anyone,
a stranger surrounded by other strangers
on another Sunday morning.