Zofran (ondansetron) is now available as a generic, reducing the cost (depending on your pharmacy) to more like $2.- per pill.  Shop around and compare.  Some pharmacies still charge huge amounts.  Also, make sure your doctor signs on the "substitution allowed" line on the prescription (otherwise the pharmacy has to give and charge you for the brand name).

Zofran is now also available as an oral disintegrating tablet (ODT).  This is fabulous, since when you are nauseated and vomiting, trying to swallow something and keep it down long enough to work is tough.  Oral disintegrating tablets, as the name indicates, simply dissolve once they hit the tongue.  No swallowing is necessary; the ondansetron is absorbed through the oral mucosa.  This means that even if you throw up immediately after taking one of these, the medication is still in your system and can go to work.