Ok, I thought things were gonna be bad, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine them THIS bad.

My husband has turned me in to Social Services for child neglect, apparently with the aim of having them declare me an unfit mother and taking my children to live in Maryland with his sister.

Yes, my house is messy, abominably so, but my children are healthy and happy, they are well fed, they see the doctor regularly, eat a healthy diet, are clean and clothed... my husband doesn't see this, apparently. He didn't even talk to me about it, just took off with the kids this morning and the first thing I know, social services is knocking on my door with the sherriff and a state trooper, saying they've had a report of child neglect and, by the way, can they look through my car because it's been reported that I'm using drugs.

I don't see how this can get worse, but of course that's what I said last time...

April 11, 2003 April 27, 2003