Unless I'm way out of line on this I believe Poolesville used to host an annual joust (this is in the days long before the Society for Creative Anachronisms) and this was actually the state sport of Maryland. My mother used to work at Montgomery College with a man (name forgotten) who had been mayor of Poolesville and he appeared in a movie shot partially during the joust. I think the movie was called "Lilith" and starred Warren Beatty and Joanne Woodward and she was a mental patient (institution was Chestnut Lodge in Rockville) who was taken on an outing to the joust. Another scene in the movie featured another man my mother worked with who also had a scene in the movie which was he and his brother selling watermelons beside the road.

The man who had been mayor once told me that at that time (1974-75) you could still go out and place a $5 bill on a stump with a rock to hold it down and later come back and find a jug of white lightning!

And "I guess" maybe if this is a place that is ruled by people who are anal about research then maybe it's a place that I don't want to bother with! I get enough research in my life as it is.