In naval terminology, Maneuvering is a small room located in the engine room of a submarine that controls the ship's propulsion and electrical systems. On nuclear-powered submarines, the reactor plant is also controlled from Maneuvering.

On modern submarines, maneuvering contains three panels: the Steam Plant Control Panel (SPCP), the Reactor Plant Control Panel (RPCP), and the Electrical Plant Control Panel (EPCP).

Steam Plant Control Panel
The SPCP controls the amount of steam that is introduced into the main propulsion turbine. This controls the boat's speed. The SPCP is manned by the Throttleman (TH).
Reactor Plant Control Panel
The RPCP has the controls to raise or lower the control rods, which controlled the temperature of the reactor. The RPCP also controls the Main Coolant Pumps which control the amount of coolant flow through the reactor. The RPCP is manned by the Reactor Operator (RO).
Electric Plant Control Panel
The EPCP contains controls for the main circuit breakers on the boat, as well as the controls for the motor generators and turbine generators, which provide electrical power for the entire submarine. The EPCP is manned by the Electrical Operator (EO).

A fourth man is stationed in Maneuvering to oversee the actions of the three operators. He is known as the Engineering Officer of the Watch (EOOW) and is in charge of the entire engineroom while at sea.