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Divorced father of 4 living in Florida with my ailing mother and youngest son. I invest in real estate and do a lot of community oriented organizing. Avid Sci-Fi fan and I'm cranking through the classics again. I fear that I am loosing my memory. I spend a lot of time caring for my father's land in Kissimmee, Florida and my personal investments. I was a resident of Chicago for 51 years. Miss the city, not the corruption and taxes. Came to Florida to help my mother with my father and gave up a business I built in Chicago. But sometimes you got to take the unselfish path. Dad has passed and now I got Mom to look after. My son is thinking about getting married.

I did a lot of political desktop and editing work in Chicago. It was fun sticking it to the system and trying to help young faces in the Spanish community get the necessary exposure to run for office.

I have a degree from Marquette University in business and I've been studying at a local Tech school, AutoCad. Go to the gym and like to fish on the ocean with my buddies. No girlfriend. Had one in Chicago but, she has too many problems. I didn't want to visit that on my family. As for my handle let me say this, I try not to judge and I have been guilty of manny things in my life. Not perfect. Just a regular guy.