Today I semi-enjoyed the most scary experience of my entire life. Have any of you even been bungee jumping? Well holy shit, I did something pretty similar to that.

What was it?

It was a 50m (yes you heard right, 50 METER) VERTICAL drop! Me and my fearless friend were in like a cocoon thing, being held 50m above the beloved ground by two cables that went up to two poles on each side of us. Its hard to explain so I'll draw an asci thingy.

    |\              /|
    | \            / |
    |  \    ^^    /  | 
    |   \   ||   /   |
    |    \  ||  /    |  
    |     \ || /     |
    |      \||/      |
    |       oo       |
    |                |
    |                |
    |                |   

oo     = Me and my fearless mate

|      = The support poles

\    /
 \  /  =  Cables holding us up

 ||    =  The cable we were being hoisted up, up, up by.

Ordinary, I know. Anyway.

What made this thing as scary as it was, was the fact that I had a zip-cord thingy that I had to pull to initiate the plunge. WOW. All I could hear was buzzing (I'm afraid of heights) and faintly, somewhere off in the distance, a dude yelling "Threeeeee... Two.... Onnnnnneeeeee!"

The first thing I though was "Don't pull the cord! Don't pull the- Holy Shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!"

Woooooooooooosh! I was flying! It was the most amazing feeling, the fear was gone and I was flying! Then I looked down. Okay, welcome back fear! The ground was rushing up at me at around 30mph.

The cords tightened and made some funny sounds and I realised I was safe... SLAP! There goes my stomach catching up with me.

That was the most shit-a-brick experience that I have ever encountered. But I'm pleased I did it, I was miles away from conquering my fear (I'm still shit scared of anything higher than a foot-stool), but I stood up to something today...

Anyway, thats all I wanted you to know.