The following letters were my attempts to get myself off the hook from a traffic fine. I'll post an update when I find out how I went.

16 February 2004

Dear Sir or Madam

Upon further inspection of my Infringement notice, I became aware the document has incorrect details.

The time of the offence was recorded as “1230” – on the notice it states this time is recorded in 24 hour clock so 1230 is in fact 12.30 pm.

I was nowhere near a vehicle at 12.30 pm, on 15 February 2004.

Consequently the notice is invalid and I am not prepared to pay the $150 fine.

Please find enclosed a copy of the Infringement Notice.

Yours sincerely...

17 February 2004

Dear Sir or Madam

It is with the greatest regret that I write to you in connection with an unwarranted issue of an Infringement Notice by a representative of the New Zealand Police Force.

Please find enclosed a copy of the superfluous document.

As you will see upon further inspection, the alleged offence is: “Fails to indicate changing lanes”. My passengers and I will all testify that I did indeed indicate for at least 1-2 seconds before changing lanes. Contrast to this, the police officers that distributed the infringement notice will, no doubt, refuse to admit their mistake and revoke the ticket.

It is at this point where I become confused. How is it that a person in charge of a motor vehicle may be penalised a) for something that they didn’t do and b) for something that cannot be proved or disproved in a court of law?

I have no doubt that this letter will be processed and a template letter be sent back to me automatically denying all appeals. It’s this kind of attitude that our justice system is adopting that will cause young teenagers such as myself to begin to disrespect the law.

Does one have no rights to a reasonable appeal process anymore?

Your sincerely…

You reckon I'll get off? I don't. Worth a crack Nigel.