For the woman I saw leaving a road house in Wyoming.

Brautigan and bar fly

I am not the girl next door.
I am bar fly.
I am honky tonk, speakeasy, dive bar, ale house.

I am the antithesis
Of comfort, kitchen, home and wife.

I am erotica, fantasy, excitement, egomania.

I walk in
And everyman longs for me.
Long legs, long hair
tight jeans, high heels.

Not me, not mine
only their own

I am the poor man's
rich girl
The rich man's
dirty secret.
The sad man's
The old man's

I am the cowboy's city girl
The city fellow's naiad

I am trouble.
I am hearbreak.
Belle de nuit
wet dream.

Deep down
he, that everyman, knows
cannot belong to you.
I belong to
But not
In the way you want.
I am only passing through.