This is me, I said, and then I talked for hours
The moon is come, bobbing along the floor
If I could write the sound of this song for you
Here is the rainbow I've been praying for.

One could do worse than being a swinger of birches
silent and still, trapped on glossy paper
And the moon with fast wisps of cloud over it
water, lifeblood of which I was to rob her

A thousand thanks and a blessing on your head
May you live to see a thousand reasons
to rejoice, Falling apart from the inside out
Stream of conciousness - yes I will yes

You leave me shivering alone to face this
as if he knew that words were how I kissed.

This is a nodeshell sonnet writing challenge.

The rules:
You must use existing nodeshells or titles, and you are not allowed to use your own or create new ones.
You MUST use a strict form, preferably a sonnet, but if you use another form that has both a rhyming scheme AND a specific meter it'll count.
I won't insist on iambic pentameter, and you can use blank verse if you want to, but please do not completely neglect the meter.
IF you use the nodeshells or titles of only one noder, bonus points.

Unfortunately. I cannot ching a poem, but if you try to do this, and send me the link, I will send you mad props and a mix CD. Also, the glorious and incomparable fuzzy_and_blue has offered to Ching poems attempted in this fashion.

dedicated to stand/alone/bitch, whose nodeshells I borrowed, and panamaus, who gave me the idea.