Final pathway of the grundoon and imp/buddha road trip of DOOM:
Flight delays: Las vegas, 2 hours
Arrival at airport: 11:20 p.m., Brooklyn time
Gin and tonics drunk on Chiisuta's veranda: 3? Then i lost track
Max number of noders an veranda: 9
Number of dolls lost off veranda: one ballerina pig puppet
Most enormous and tasty lunch: LadySun and Chris-O, Manhattan waterfront
Most ridiculous schlepping all over new york to acquire rental car, also LadySun, you RAWK!!!
Hours to sparta with ChiSquared: 13 1/2
Number of noders met: I lost track, status report after consulting with czeano
Number of blisters from playing guitar: one, right thumb
Best solo: Chiisuta, Dancing Queen
Favorite moments: meeting many noders and finally getting to connect names to faces; singing in the tunnel, singing and playing guitar, all the musicians are magnificent....and stargazing.
Favorite moments of laughing so hard my stomach hurt: the EPIC BATTLE between the Silver Robot and the Red Cowbot of DOOM.
Strangest thing eaten (so far): FROGS LEGS (the first one's free)
maximum number of E2 chrisses present: me, chiisuta, chris-o, thefez, iconoplast, czeano, accipiter, cbustapeck.
Favorite Imp/buddha moments: Mutiple toenail paintings; the Fort of Doom, by Herself and czeano, The Red Robot playing legos for 2 hours and giving me FREEDOM!
Return to Brooklyn: 12 hours, ETA, 0400 August 5.
Czeano and famille, you are amazing to provide such a great gathering. Thanks you, so many hugs, and mad props.

If you want a word/painting as below, /msg me, I'm now one gathering behind. I'll do my best....

Hours driving to northern ontario: approximately 20
Extra hours becuase of construction on highway 17: 4
Time spent waiting for boat across: none, I stole Sam's when he was in town
Batteries purchased for walkie-talkies: 16
Mouse and bat guano in log cabin: 459,825
Amount of pinesol and bleach to clean: infinite
earliest swim: 5 a.m.
longest swim: 2 miles (approx)
highest water temperature: 74 degrees
cups of tea drunk: 5-10 per day, 8 days: ~56
maximum number of uncles, aunts, cousins, second cousins and shirttail relations: 20
number of major thunderstorms: 3
Naps: 4
vicious pounce games (I won! I'm still a shark! And I don't even cheat anymore!): 1
Number of comics books re-read: 100+
Number of copies of issue #1 of the Blue Beetle: 1
Approximate age of oldest comic: sometime in the early 50s

Approximate time to return to Brooklyn: 18 hours
Ferry ride on Chi-Chemaun: 1 hour, 45 minutes
INcredible cheapness of canadian bed and breakfast mansion: 40 bucks, with the most enormous breakfast I have ever seen
Number of times other inmates said "eh?" innumerable
Number of gas station attendants and clerks grundoon tried out her erzatz canook accent on: at least 12
Number of curlers met, eh? : 2 (both female)

Number of noders and newbies gathered at compound: max 8
Amount of tanqueray drunk: one fifth, duty free, and a six of tasteless canadian IPA
Number of highly inflammatory messages sent in my name, by Wicker Nipple: 1
Cool little plastic thingies: 27
Number of subway trains ridden on the 15th: 10
Rating of Brooklyn Botanical Garden's Japenese Garden: five stars

Number of years Jewish auntie spent in German labor camp: 3-1/2, age 15 to 19
How she got there instead of a death camp: a false report card from a catholic high school
Number of hours spent pumping her for stories: 36
Number of times we cried: 3
Number of times she called me by my mother's name: 9
Number of times she called Tessie by my name: 3
Number of classmates found interesting at high school reunion: 6
Number of women who looked matronly, or men who were fat and bald: all the rest
Number of bad funk songs danced to: didn't count

Number of hops in backyard pool in DC heat wave: 8 or 9
Number of laps around pool towing imp/buddha in inner tube: 7
Fun had: The Whole Thing!!! Thanks everyone who ptched in to make it a great trip!!!!