Have you ever had one of those nights, where you just can't sleep, but you also don't really want to sleep, either? I hate those. You just sit around, maybe with the computer on, typing... talking to friends, the usual. People act weird at night sometimes. I think one of my friends fell asleep at the keyboard earlier, though. He was typing some stuff, you know. We were RPing, as we often do when we can't sleep. Playing a little Hunter: the Reconing. We always loved that kinda shit, normal people given slightly abnormal powers being assaulted by decidedly paranormal things. That's enough instances of the word normal to skin a cat with, and we love it.

But like I said, he's been idle for a little while... last thing he said was in all caps... uncharacteristic of him. He's normally really good about that sort of thing, good netiquitte, as they say. But yeah, it was something like... here, lemme find the message log. Um... "FUCK GRETH WHAT THE FUIOIPL;/" which was really strange for me. I wasn't RPing as myself, but it wasn't the first time that either of us had slipped up and forgotten each others character names. But anyway, I'm still kinda worried. I gave him a call ((Using up my fucking minutes on my cell, damn it... shoulda sprung for the night and weekend plan)), no answer. Like I said, he was probably sleeping. Not like him, though. He can usually pull enough energy to keep himself going.

But that sort of stuff happens from time to time. Reminds me of this one time, as a prank, I pretended that I was getting actually attacked by zombies while we were talking... freaked the HELL out of him. I thought it was funny. Who knows? Maybe he's pulling the same thing. Musta gotten his other friend over in Texas in on it, too, since he's not talking either. Ah well. They'll be up tomorrow morning.

I realized why I don't listen to the news anymore, too. Full of this bullshit about disappearances. I don't care! Tell me something that affects me, alright? Like nuclear weapons, world wars. I don't care if you can't find your goddamn kid, alright? Just fuck off and leave me to my anime.