I found out that I lost my Angel today.  She's gone.  
I have her no more, she is lost.  I promised myself 
that I wouldn't cry, that I wouldn't let this hurt me 
as much as I knew it would, and I was wrong.  It hurts
as much as when I first found out this was happening,
it's the most painful thing I've experienced.

But I do not blame her, or Byron, or anyone for it.  
It happened, and well, there was little I could do to 
stop it, and had I, it would have caused more harm 
than good.  And she wouldn't have wanted it.

She was that kind of person.  She loved everyone.  
Sure, she got angry.  She did rash things, but don't 
we all?  In the end, she wanted everyone to be happy, 
because when people are happy, good things happen.  
That's who she was.

I want to remember the times that we had together.  
I want to cherish them as if they were solid gold 
heirlooms passed down since the late sixteen hundreds.  
I want to hold them like I wished I could have held 
her when she hurt, the way she could have held me 
when I was hurting.

She had a certain way of speaking.  You could almost 
feel her cheer, her enthusiasm for life, for love, 
just by talking to her.  Even when she was ranting 
and raving, I could see that she ment it as a way to 
maybe bring who she was ranting about some love, some 
joy.  Not many people could say the same thing of 
others, but I can.

She was the most beautiful person I've ever met, and 
that's why I fell in love with her.  I don't know why 
she fell in love with me.  In some ways, I may not 
have been worthy.  I am not physically attractive at 
all.  But that wasn't Lenore's bag.  She didn't give 
a shit about stuff like that.  She loved me, I think, 
for who I was, what I was.  My heart.

The one thing she left me with was a promise.  A 
promise she had me make, which I aim to keep until I 
die, and long after, beliefs permitting.  She had me 
promise that my heart would never grow cold, to never 
lose it's spark of love.  If there is one thing I can 
do for her, that is it.  To keep that promise.

Lenore Dazen Aulorna Stovall was the first person I 
ever loved.  The first person who ever loved me.  And 
she will always, always be that person.  She will 
always be that buxom blonde, with a sharp wit, who 
knew the value of a good cuddle when someone needed 
it.  Who knew how to calm a heart with a word, and a 
touch.  Who knew how to give love, better than anyone 
I'd ever known.

I miss her.  But somehow, I know she's still out 
there.  She told me herself that she may be elsewhere 
on this orb in this life.  And I aim to find her.

You hear that Lenore? I'll find you!