Have you ever just had a day where nothing but song inspiration comes into your head?

Red lights,
City Nights

I wish I was better at playing instruments, composing music, getting my ideas down onto paper musically. I've hardly any sense for such things. And hardly any patience or time to learn them.

We are building a religion,
you're invited to the ball

It's not the same when you grow up surrounded by music. Thoughts, dreams, hopes, all have rhythm and rhyme. Reality is just one big song to you, and you really just want to play in the band.

Street lamps and half-cranked amps...

But you don't realize that just by living, just by walking around you're a part of that huge, great, amazing band called reality.

Every parent every child
come one come all

Or I could just be rambling. Nobody likes to hear people who have lots to say but nothing to say it with. Dangerous they are. For those are the ones who can play all the instruments...

We are building a religion,
sign on the, dotted line

...but can't read the music you force them to play.

We are building a religion,
and it's not a crime.