By Greth Teager of Middletown, OH

Dramatis Personae:
Ryan, the Husband
Karen, the Wife

Throughout the piece, both parties are getting increasingly frustrated with each other, and the speed of the interruptions should increase accordingly.

Ryan and Karen sit beside each other, about to embrace in a kiss, when Karen pushes away.
Karen: I've had it with you, Ryan; I've had it with this--this lie. We're though.
She heads for the door
Ryan: Stop, --
Karen: (Interrupting) Stop what? Stop yelling? Screaming? Keeping up this sham of a marriage? Going out that door? Well that, Ryan, is what I am doing right now. Goodbye.
Ryan: Wait--!
Karen: Wait for what? You to--to grow a pair? The councelor to fix our issues? Some deus ex machina to come down and save our life together? Or--or maybe you want me to wait until you've got me pregnant and obligated to stay for the sake of the child? Well if that's what you're thinking, then--(Line would finish "you've got another thing coming.")
Ryan: (Interrupting) Just.. Just shut--
Karen: (Interrupting) Shut that door behind me? Because I am inches away, and there is nothing, nothing at all that you can do to stop me you bastard.
He interrupts her, grabbing her by the shoulder, turning her, and putting a finger to her lips
Ryan: Shh.
He kisses her.