The Lesson

One Teacher, and up to seven Students. Setting requires enough chairs for the students, lined up, with the Teacher at the front of the room.

Teacher: Class, today we'll work on the most important word in America.
Students: What's that, Mr. Miller?
Teacher: It's what our whole way of living is based on. Without it, none of the beautiful things that America has and does would be around.
Students: Mr. Miller, k'mon! What is it? Note: Ad-lib as appropriate.
Teacher: Well... let's think of an example. How many of you kids are having a school lunch today?
Several students raise their hands, at least two.
Teacher: Good. Now, how are you going to get those lunches?
Small pause, and one student pipes up.
Student: We pay for them?
Teacher: And you pay with money, right?
Students nod.
Teacher: Okay. Looks like you already know about the word. Now, let's move on to math...
Lights dim or curtains fall, depending on production possibiltes.

The Game

Two onstage, gender neutral. One offstage, to enter on cue. No props. Characters will be refered to as One, Two, and Three

One: You start.
Two: Okay. Ten.
One: Nine.
Speed increases as lines progress.
Two: Eight.
One: Seven!
Two: Six!
One: Five!
Three enters.
Two: Four!
One: Three!
Three: (Tentatively) Two?
Two:(Points to One) You lose.
One and Two begin to walk offstage past Three.
One: (Pushes Three on way out.) Jerk.
Three: (Watches them leave, confused.) What the...?
Lights dim or curtains fall, depending on production possibilities.