Ah yes the daily log nodes...

Why must you Soy me?

For some reason when we go out for chinese food, my friends and colleagues find the need to "Soy" (applying Soy Sauce to something) my soda and soft serve ice cream. As you can imagine, scooping up a giant mound of chocolate icecream that tastes like it was made with soy sauce rather then milk isn't the most enjoyable adventure for your tastebuds.

However the most humourous incident happened not to me, but a friend. They had just gotten up to go back to the buffet, to get more General Tso's chicken, but while there I thought it would be smart to Soy their hot tea. Thanks to the already darkend color, they couldn't tell that they had just been Soy'ed.

Sitting down with a huge plate of General Tso's they start to stuff their face with spicey bits-o-chicken, however they made the mistake of acquiring a hot pepper. Needless to say, they decided to take a giant swig and down their entire cup of tea, which was now at least 75% soy.

I wish I could see that look on his face just once more, but I'm still waiting to get unbanned from the restaurant.