Militia is also a low-budget, straight to video movie starring Dean Cain, Stacy Keach and Jennifer Beale. A Militia group is having plans on bombing Washington with an Anthrax missile. I'm not going to go into details about the movie plot here, but a few, very fun facts about this film are:

A large number of the action scenes are stolen directly from the movies Terminator 2 and Delta Force ! Not only that, the editing they did is crappy too, you can even see Arnold Schwarzenegger drive by in a van once... To liven up the movie a little they shot their own screnes to correlate with the ripped ones also...

This is definitely not a so-called "B" movie, it is a "C" movie! I haven't seen worse! The plot is diffuse, slow and jerky as hell, the film does by no means live up to the "100% Action" logo that is on the DVD case, and the scene-stealing is not only bad by itself, it's also very improfessionally done.

God only knows how many other movies they did rip off that I haven't seen. I might want to see this film once again, since it's so bad that it's good! It seems like the Director's strategy was to merge together as many good action movies as possible to make the ultimate action movie.

Militia is a horrible movie and I recommend you go see it.