Eyes following your every move, imprinting them in my memory. Leaning forward to bridge the gap between you and I as you speak to me. Biting the inside of my lower lip, in such a subtle manner, that you can't tell if you aren't looking for it. Massaging one hand with the other, keeping eye contact, radiating heat with my carnal thoughts. Running a hand through my hair, wishing it were yours. Inhaling a little more deeply to catch your scent. Closing eyes and sighing softly.

Did you catch it? No. Swallowing hard at the feel of your breath against my neck as you lean over to whisper something to me. Arching back slightly as I stretch, to accentuate my assets. Watching you from the corner of my eye, licking my lips ever so slightly. Biting my lip a little harder. Brushing as much of my body against yours as is polite and possible as I pass you by. Wiggling hips a little more than usual as I leave the room.

Biting my knuckle hard when you're out of sight.

Hot damn.

This was initially a nodeshell challenge from Noether. Thank you.