Today I sent my daughter to school for the very first time. I was nervous and she was nervous and excited. We got there a bit early so she got to play in the playground with the other kids for a bit. It was funny to watch her elbow her way in like that.

I hope she makes a lot of friends. I hope she has fun. I hope she listens to her teacher and doesn't cause too much trouble. I hope I can survive this.

School! Good God. She's in... school. My mom took Kevin today so I could bring Celeste to school just me and her. My mom and dad took pictures of her on her first day, and of course I did too. She was almost too nervous for breakfast but she managed to have some somehow. I couldn't touch a thing till I got home.

I've been feeling sorta sick which didn't help matters. But I got her there and they let us parents walk our kids in to help them out. She gets her own hook for her book bag and her own cubbyhole for her shoes. She has indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. She packed her own lunch last night.

She was only a baby a little while ago, how could I have missed her growing up so fast?

I love you Celeste. I'm proud of you. Now don't go beating up any boys...wait until you are at least five. ;)