A conversation with etouffee today reminded me of something my father once told me.

There is this Portuguese custom/myth that states the ladybug is the herald of love. They even have this poem that they sing. I can't remember how it goes. Something about "ladybug, ladybug, find me my true love" or something.

Anyway. A while back, my parents were having marital issues. They were having a long conversation in their front living room when a ladybug was noticed on my father's hand. It was the middle of winter and they have no idea where it appeared from. He gingerly brought his hand up to his face and whispered the words to it.

And it flew directly to my mother.

They both cried for a long time and realized that their only issue was that they had forgotten just how much they loved each other.

On the day that I got married, it was clear and beautiful. And there were thousands of ladybugs around. That was the day my father told me this story. He said to take the bugs as a sign that I am marrying the right person.

Anyhow, I just wanted to jot this down. Because it's stories like this that I want to remember and tell my kids.