I still believe.

Exciting kidlets nestled in brand new Christmas pj's (new family tradition = new pj's on Christmas Eve to wake up fresh for Santa time!). I am truly blessed.

I think about the story of the birth of Jesus and I think if I were Mary, I would have been hella scared right about this time that year. How heavy is that, to have an angel come down and let you know you're about to bring forth the saviour? I cannot even begin to fathom it. I was terrified to bring my own regular, everyday sort of children into this world. And then I also think about the first time I laid eyes on those babes of mine, and how absolutely perfect that moment was, and I remember crying, and I bet you Mary cried too. Because savior or not, he was her son and he was a brand new baby and he needed her like no other.

Anyway, that's the sort of thing I think about around this time.

Safe holidays, everyone.