well, my stomach turned when the blood hit the floor

but in my mind, we were crying for more

the sweat mixed with the oxygen

and the lies into the estrogen

last night we slept in the back of my car

put the emergency break on so we couldn't go far

the sky turned to black and we blended it with the tar

like an artist with his paints, we let it rewind

we ran down the street with the asphalt in our feet

I ran from myself (you ran from the law)

the shoulder of the highway, angled like your tears

made us forget our lives and our fears

and though we've been running for all these years

maybe we've finally gotten away

we've gotten away

we went down the offramp, burning rubber as we flew

your skin started being your eyes

a broken bleeding blue

well, we didn't know what to do

I told you once and I'll tell you again

we've been where we're going

and we're going where we've been

when the clock hits twelve

into the ocean we'll delve

all buried and burned

oh, the world has turned