Noticing the Hurricane Katrina resource page was still up almost a month after the fact, I wondered out loud why there wasn't a similar resource page for Hurricane Rita.

I went through the daylogs from today through September 19, 2005 before giving up. There wasn't a single daylog entry referring to a lost loved one, the potential for a lost loved one, a lost treasure or other item, or anything else for that matter.

Even the first hit in Google for "Hurricane Rita victims" is "Network for Good : Hurricanes -- Help victims of hurricane Katrina..." At least past that the Rita hits started showing up.

Didn't people die, lose property, and lose loved ones during Rita's onslaught, too?

Even more ironically, the tenth hit from that Google search returned: "Texas Warns Against Exploiting Hurricane Rita Victims" from Rather than plead for help, the State of Texas would rather discourage people from helping.

Go figure. But that's the attitude I'm feeling from the mainstream media.

Even more ironically, Hurricane Rita is currently a nodeshell.