Dismantle The Internet for National Security Reasons

Rob Rosenberger first uttered these words in a vmyths column back in August of 20001. He said so while describing the overblown guesstimates of monetary damages caused by the Pokemon Pikachu worm.

In August of 2000. Four and a half years ago.

Four and one half years later, former CIA director George J. Tenet says: "The Internet represents a potential Achilles' Heel for our financial stability and physical security of the networks we are creating are not protected." ... "Intelligence services, military organizations and non-state actors (are researching information attacks against the United States.)2" In other words, a former CIA director admits The Internet is a threat to American national security.

Did it take influential members of America's security community four and one half years to realize this?

Actually, some knew it as early as November 2001, like the quotable Richard Clarke, former Presidential security advisorcyberspace advisor: (Cyberattacks on the nation's critical IT infrastructure could potentially cause) "catastrophic damage to the economy," (akin to the) "functional equivalent of 767s crashing into buildings."3

SarcasticallySeriously, we should dismantle the Internet for national security reasons!

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