Today has been a good day. My kitty seems to be recovering from Snuffles (cat Flu), I had a nice long sleep, I went to the flea-market, and I realised just how strong my feelings are for a certain someone.

Why do people only realise how much they care about a person when that person has gone away on business? I miss him so much; I feel lost. But atleast my little baby kitty is going to be fine.

At the flea-market today, I saw this little boy go over to a stall, pick something up, and throw it onto the floor. He then giggled, and ran off. I was shocked, kids can be so naughty.

I also went to visit my horses today, and I now have a nice big bite mark on my arm. My one horse likes to lick my arm, and today he got a little bit carried away.

I hope tomorrow will be filled with happiness.