Well, today was pretty... hmmmm... interesting. Firstly, I woke up in a terrible mood, then, I realised that I had NO cigarettes (which is probably good since I am trying to quit), and I also went with some friends of mine to the South African Derby. It was alot of fun, although we sat in the damn rain ALL day, and ended up looking like drowned rats. The Derby was really nice, those Showjumpers really know how to ride those horses, it is quite amazing!

But... Just to add to my little 'exciting' day, I left the car lights on, and of course, when it came time to go home, the damn car didn't feel like starting. So now, my friends and I are sitting in the rain, and NOBODY felt like stopping to help us.

And... I then went out with my ex boyfriend, who keeps playing on my emotions, and one of these days. Aaaaaargh!