The truly funny part about this is that Starbucks acquired SBC well over a year ago.

In Denver there are several businesses that license one logo or the other. The fake competition is pretty amusing. It makes the joke above even funnier in a sideways sense.

It is also rumored (with emphasis on rumor) that Seattle's Best is the dumping ground for all of the contracted crop buys that don't meet standards. Starbucks routinely makes five year commitments to coffee growers. Allegedly the beans that don't make the cut end up as Seattle's Best. Whether or not this is true... hey, I'm just a very small cog in the giant, grinding death machine. Maybe it's just another injoke.

BTW, if you ask me the above question while I'm at work I will roll my eyes at you. "Besides not being Seattle's Best Coffee we also do not have Prince Albert in a can." Thanks.