I have never learned my lesson about taking early morning classes. I don't know whether the bias towards crushingly boring comes from my mental state at seven in the morning or just the selection of classes offered at that time. My incredibly abbreviated attention span is the unfortunate side effect. I stagger into class, stunned and haggard every morning and robotically take sloppy notes for an hour. Early morning classes make me question my motivations for attending college.

I've decided to start up another t-shirt deal as soon as Yoon and I get settled into our new place. I used to screen shirts to sell outside of the artsy movie theater near my place in San Francisco. At one time you could buy bootleg Chow Yun Fat and Jet Li shirts from me anytime a movie from Hong Kong was playing. The main difference is that I want to create things instead of cashing in on the stupid white people jumping halfassedly onto the next cool area of fandom. I'll obsessively detail the happenings with that stuff as they develop.

I find it worrisome that people in Denver still find the Stanley Cup victory the immediate topic of conversation on the bus. Hearing people talk to each other on the bus is a good thing in general but the extended gloat-fest is getting into the ridiculous now.

There are way too many papers to type, lectures to hallucinate through, and phone calls to return in the world. There are too many SUVs, Starbuck's, and 7-11s. Denver has given free license to whatever corporation expresses interest in the city. The sprawl of the city is increasing exponentially each year with pessimistic projections putting Denver on par with Los Angeles for overdevelopment. Being a pedestrian is becoming difficult here. I think that is a bad omen for my future in this city.

OK. So that was a little too my testament to the world for me to be comfortable with. I will pack up my soap box for the day and go get some coffee before work.