Today has been a dumpy day. It's the only adjective that adequately describes today. I ended up drinking a few too many last night. This is becoming a habit and it makes me wary of all the other times in my life when demon alcohol and I have dirty danced our way through weeks at a time. I used to bartend. Those days are a little blurry in memory.

I went skating for a couple of hours this morning before school. It sounded like such a good idea - wake up, sweat out some toxins, and use some time that I would ordinarily waste hitting the snooze button repeatedly. The first horrible happening involved me rolling into a parking lot with a bunch of freshly painted parking blocks. Seconds after I hit the first of what seemed like a hundred, a police car rolls up. I didn't get a ticket but I got the whole speech about destruction of private property and what not. I rarely get tickets while skating - the last two times I've been hassled by a cop it turned out (when I pulled out my id) that I was a year or two older than Officer Caca. The second horrible thing was my assumption that kickflipping a double set of stairs would be a good way to start the morning. I overshot it and despite what I thought was a good landing - pow!. I break another $50 deck that I can't really afford to replace.

Morals of this story:

  1. The police are not my friends.
  2. Foot placement is very important.

I gave my thirty day notice to my landlord last night. The unfortunate part is that he will actually be out of town for the latter part of the month and on into next month. Despite the fact that he has been pretty cool and willing to fix appliances the day they break, I am nervous about getting my deposit back. I am not a bad tenant but somehow I've managed to lose my deposit the last three times I've moved. Ack.

To hell with it. My shift in the computer lab of isolation and despair is almost over. The skate shop is open for another couple of hours. I will sleaze on down there and have something fun to do tonight that does not involve drinking or reading excruciatingly dull textbooks. I am a fink.