This weekend seemed long as hell. Normally this wouldn't be a problem because, hey, who doesn't want a longer weekend? This was one of those dreaded weekends that is all work and no play. I hope I do not turn into a dull boy. I mean more than I am now.

Yoon and I signed the lease for our first shared living space on Saturday. It's really nice, actually, probably the fanciest home that I've lived in for ten years. After spending the past six months in my 10x20 studio I'm ready to stretch out a little and maybe have less of a pest problem. The landlord actually seems cool. I know those words are a total jinx but the guy actually bought new appliances after a long term tenant moved out. That's usually a good sign. We'll actually have space to do a little gardening and backyard sort of stuff. I haven't had a yard for something like ten years as well so it probably sounds pretty lame to the rest of y'all.

We also had lunch with Yoon's mom. This also sounds a lot more relaxing than it really is. The language barrier is difficult to overcome. It makes the most simple social interactions awkward and laborious. The situation with her parents has depressurized a little over the past couple of years but I still feel like her dad is going to beat my ass whenever we're in the same room. I'm not Korean or Christian. I'm not a business major. I understand their concerns but it does make me reluctant to open up to them very much. Her mom hugged me after lunch. It felt a lot more real than a handshake. Yeah. It's probably going to be ok for the time being. When it comes time to plan the wedding I'll be wearing a crash helmet and shin guards.

Still putzing along with OS X and trying to find as many security problems as I can. The fact that a portscanner is part of the system is a little disconcerting. I'm having a hard time being the police when I'm used to being the criminal. Is it totally unethical to leave little easter egg ins for the best and brightest? You also have to love the ping flood feature built in to the system. Macintosh security is usually mentioned as a joke. How did I get myself into this?

There are too many exams this week. I either have a mid term or a major project due every day this week. I guess band practice and my skateboard are going to be the last things on my mind. Besides Yoon these are the only things that keep me sane. Nothing relieves a rough day's stress like slamming metal and wood into curbs and coping. I don't know how I managed to quit skating for nearly ten years. It has barged back into my life with a vengeance. This vengeance also extends to my ankles, knees, and lower back. Skate and destroy (yourself). Yeah.