Campus is deserted. I wonder why the hell I'm even here today other than the help calls that keep flowing into my inbox. Today I feel like telling the faculty to take a basic computer literacy course. I could use day off.

Yoon got some wisdom teeth removed yesterday. This would normally be a pretty mundane happening but they gave her some painkillers. We're talking about a girl who refuses to take aspirin for a headache here. She called me hours before I was scheduled to end work and babbled all sorts of craziness at me. Its nice to hear someone who is normally so sensible and direct stray into lala land.

American flags are everywhere. Apparently some high school kids stormed into a mosque here in Denver and demanded that flags be displayed. This is fucking sick. I understand that people are very upset about losing loved ones but this whole big dick patriotism thing is insanity. I read a little editorial this morning about Indians in more traditional dress (turbans I guess) being attacked in public. I wonder how many people the patriots will have to injure or kill before they'll feel better.

The unfortunate side effect is all of this is that I'm becoming very impatient with flag wavers. I know some folks are merely showing support for the fallen but behind these gestures I imagine bared teeth. I'm sorry if you're someone I glared at. I've got my own shit going on too.

The time has come to ask myself the dreaded question: "Do I really have to work at work?" I hope all noders have a safe weekend. Please please please don't blame 250 million muslims for the actions of a few.