The flags are everywhere. I went into a KFC and left without ordering after a worker with "Irishpride!" tattoed on his arm starting belligerently demanding to known the nationality of every person who wasn't white. "Are you American?" I sure as fuck don't want to be, so I left. I called the corporate headquarters and left a complaint. No one gives a fuck. Fly the flag, wave the bloody shirt,or whatever. This has become a big ass party for everyone who feels like its been too long since we had a war.

Campus was closed yesterday at two in the afternoon. I walked several Muslim students who work in the computer labs with me to their cars or their bus or whatever. I am fucking scared to death and not for myself.

Every public space seems to be full of rabid nineteen year old dipshits, waving signs and screaming about Americans. In every one of them I see my friend Roberto who got all fired up about going off to the Gulf War. I didn't know him prior to that. I was his manager for a while until he started feeling sick. He took a trip to the VA hospital and found out he was riddled with inoperable tumors presumably from the cocktail of injections the Army gave him before departure. He went back to East Los Angeles to die with his family. I sent him a letter a few months later just to see how things were going. His mom sent me a postcard saying that he had passed. I've never hated the United States as much as I did in that moment.

I wondering if it isn't time for me to drop out of school for a couple years. Yoon and I could head for Korea. Would it be any different. I wish it could be. I really really do.