This morning started out confusing, which doesn't surprise me in the slightest. The major problem was that I forgot today was Halloween. Apparently my brain is incapable of storing markers for a holiday and the end of the month simultaneously.

The first clue should have been the bus driver babbling nonsense through the PA system. It sounded vaguely apocalyptic but I just figured that, hey, if I was a bus driver I might not have such a dim view of an impending end of the world. He said something about a werewolf too which finally tipped me off. Happy Halloween Stupid! The world became a much more rational place temporarily. I like it when things make sense. Whew.

I've decided that I hate my philosophy professor. Previously I disliked him. The problem is that he preaches instead of teaching and most of the class just nods and takes notes. He has a really bad habit of bouncing back and forth between absolute and relative whenever it suits him while presenting his opinion as fact. Along with this is the tendency to completely ignore the class while he wanders down some philosophical alley banging his own trashcan lid for no one in particular. If this isn't ridiculous enough he has the gall to compare himself to Socrates for his "unpopular" methods of "teaching." Yes, kids, I am filing a formal complaint given that I'm paying for this and my cat could teach a better class. My cat would also be way cuter but that isn't the point.

There was a local Linux LUG meeting last night which was my first experience with a user group in nearly ten years. I wasn't missing much. How much time can you possibly waste talking about Linus as a deity. This is not advocacy. This is just tedious. I am still interested in the proposed cluster project but I have no intentions of worshipping at the altar of the chosen OS. Maybe bouncing back and forth between different operation systems has made me overly aware that most of them do indeed have inherent limitations and quirks that I'm not fond of. I just realized how similar this paragraph and the preceding one are.

I just overheard someone talking about all the cool stuff at Urban Outfitters. The concept of that place is totally brilliant.

  1. Find funky thrift store junk
  2. Mass Produce replicas of that junk
  3. Provide the stupid with funky crap to litter their apartments with.
  4. Promote the idea of being uniformly eclectic

I don't think I work well with others.