Ok. So no girlfriend and I am home alone. What to do? I decided since I am a Windows drone now that I should probably learn Visual Basic. I ran down to Tattered Cover and grabbed a book. My neighbor gave me some Visual Studio loving (the enterprise version even which I don't have the HD space to install all of) so I've just been sitting here with it. I write C in the notepad thing and I opened Visual Basic for the first time only to be confronted with too many little windows, lists, clicky boxes. Conclusion: It's a little like playing with Legos. I don't know if Visual Basic is useful for anything at all but I sure did make some kooky little exes. Diagnosis Bill Gates doesn't own my ass chip but I like new toys. After this semester it's back to the wunnerful, wunnerful world of Linux. Whew. I was starting to feel guilty. Treason!

Yoon is far away at some teacher seminar sleep over deal and all I did was learn a lousy programming language.

Halloween approaches and I shrug at it. A nearby house had some techno beat blaring out of it with a monster voice saying "Prepare to die!" over and over again. I took this as an sign to stop taking things so seriously. I was briefly alarmed at the effigies hanging from the tree in their front yard. After standing there for a minute one of the residents came outside. He was African-American so I said I had something for him and that I'd be right back. I ran home and grabbed the white styrofoam heads that have been sitting in my closet for six months. I brought them back to the house down the street. They were a little wary at first maybe because I was a white guy trying to get them to lynch white people in effigy. After the initial confusion I told them that we it was just between them and me. I stayed for a beer or two. It's nice to make new friends in the neighborhood.

Wow. I just did a bit of poking and discovered that the bookstore I was at just a few hours ago is noded. Tattered Cover is indeed a fine bookstore. Unfortunately, the Christmas buying onslaught has already begun so I wasn't able to give the folks in the Computer section the hard time that they expect. I'm probably going to end up working there at some point anyway.

I just realized that today has been a nothing day. I have sat on my ass in front of the evil glowing box for way too long. I miss my girlfriend and I am not ready for the Holiday Trilogy that looms in the not-so-distant future.

Christmas was always tense at my parent's house when I was growing up. I am the oldest and I was always trying to convince my parents to buy the younger kids some presents. My parents bought beer. I don't like the associations I guess. I like to buy people who I love presents at random times when I am just thinking about them. The ugly vibe I remember from past Christmas disasters never seems to go away. How typical.