The day has flipped over. Again. I am getting a little creeped out by the gifs not loading and being confronted by E2 with way too much white space. I don't know why exactly it bothers me. Maybe it has something to do with the general creepiness of all those outdated sites on the web riddled with broken links and images that have gone off to Davey Jones Locker. Maybe it's just a sleep deprivation.

After writing that I realized that if I spent as much time sleeping as I do babbling about my shattered sleep schedule I might be alright.

I'm writing this tonight because tommorrow will be my last chance to spend any quality time with my sweetie until sometime next week. Argh. Seminar things are not meant for people with real lives. Ok, so it is a teacher related thing and it does deal with kids at risk which is one the biggest problems that she is having in the classroom.

Another day log that I spend talking about my girlfriend. I fear that day that I have baby pictures. Anyhow, my girlfriend teaches at the best high schools in Colorado. The unfortunate part is that she has at least a smattering of kids with real emotional problems and other behavior problems that have been diagnosed. Actually the unfortunate part is that she had no idea until a few weeks into the school year. This totally sucks because

  1. It really isn't fair to the teachers who have to deal with the disciplinary problems of emotionally handicapped while not knowing where they stem from. This seems insane given that she is a first year teacher who has enough to learn on the fly as it is. The only reason that the history of these students even came out is that my so had to keep giving them disciplinary referrals for disrupting her classes. This is not fair to these students at all.
  2. Even if she'd had prior knowledge of students in her classes having emotional problems (and some of them are pretty severe: bi-polarity, panic attacks, etc) why wasn't training provided BEFORE school even began.

So that is the sad story of why I will be spending my weekend by myself. Ick.

Hopefully I will be able to put in some time filling in the cracks in E2. I'm going to try to bridge the gaps in the Reconstruction Era and the Civil Rights Era because I think they are historically very important. There are nodes on these subjects (and so very well written and researched ones) but there are little bits and pieces to add. Eventually I will organize some of this stuff into meta-nodes. In the long term I'm going to try to bridge together some time lines but that is a little ambitious for the moment. There is too much research and scribbling in coffee stained notebooks beforehand.

I would also like to say Sorry to Bozon for what ended up happening to her write up for Charles Lynch. Somehow it ended up being banished to the node Phantom Zone where it floats, disconnected from the nodegel. I will fix it. I swear. I don't think it was anything that I really did but I feel lousy about it just the same.