Another stupid insomniac night where I end up going to bed only to get back up again an hour later. I should have never taken 8am classes. Do not make this mistake. This is the path of failure and academic probation. This is when I seriously consider forging a doctor's note.

Yeah. It was some phantom diabetic complication that seems to have cleared up now. It's more pathetic than anything. I wish my life had a registry that I could edit.

Well, if nothing else the cats are very pleased to see me awake and moving. There are four of them at my house and chances are one of them needs affection or entertaining at any given hour. I think that insomnia is a very feline trait in humans. Cats often have that dazed look that comes with being awake and not really knowing what to do. Diversion rules your existence and any attempt to establish a schedule is wasted.

I have a history midterm in less than 8 hours. Granted, the majority of it is going to be in essay format but the idea of sleep between now and then is appealing however distant.

I had another fit of historical noding yesterday which led to more cools than I really deserve. Research is one the easiest things for me. Finding connection between the everyday happenings of people in the past and the way their mundane (at the time) actions blossom into something that is remembered. Do you ever wonder if you've made any history or if you're going to? What does this out of context chunk of time add up to in the big picture? Yeah, I fully realized that this is cosmic navel contemplation but I'm prone to it.

It is nearly time for employment again. I didn't end up with any Pell money this year. I actually made a living wage last year. It's ironic because the one year that I actually can afford to do anything outside of the work, eat, sleep cycle ends up hurting me in the end. Is there karma attached to relative luxury? Yuck.

I'm reading a huge biography of Thaddeus Stevens right now and I have decided that, within the context of the time that he lived in, he was one of the most radical politicians ever. The man took absolutely no shit. Yes, he had many quirks and was totally neurotic and unhappy but he got things done on a national level. It's hard to deal with when you don't even have the discipline to roll out of bed on time in the morning.

OK. End ramble. I will smack myself in the head with a mallet Three Stooges stylee to get some sleep if I have to. Hey, that way I'll have something to node in dream log. Wait. What's my motivation again?