Well, it's two in the morning so I'm starting to doubt that I will actually make it to my eight o'clock class. I'm already starting to feel the crispy around the edges about school and the semester is only half finished. Ugh.

On the positive side, I got a second wind of noding ferocity that got me motivated to node some more African-American History notables. I think that more people should know who Ralph Abernathy was. I'm going to try to work my way through the civil rights era this weekend. Unfortunately, the girl will be off at some teacher training sleepaway camp so I'm planting my butt in front of this here box and filling in some blanks.

Winter is definitely on it's way to Colorado. I can feel it in my nose the way that arthritic folks can feel it in their bones. I may have lived in Colorado for two years but my nose is still living in San Francisco. This is the most dry climate that I've ever lived in. Nothing like the daily nosebleed to remind you that you live in the mountains.

I was lucky enough to scam about $3k worth of tools from a friend who works for a large nameless corporation. It brings up an interesting question when thinking about the idea of stealing intellectual property. I would not use the software that I use if I had to pay for it. I would do without before plunking down $600 for some imaging software. I will never spend that kind of money on anything that comes in a box smaller than my head. I'm curious about what other people think about this. I'm sure that my radical ideas about the commercial software distribution have already occurred to others but I'm still curious.

A big ole happy birthday to danlowlite. Spankings will be held here and are not limited to those who were born today. Just those who were born yesterday...