I started today with a bang literally. The alarm clock somehow made me involuntarily slam my head into the ridiculous milk crate table contraption by the side of the bed. I decided to get up if only to spite this wannabe omen of ill tiding.

The philosophy exam that had me sweating turned out to be so basic and superficial that I wonder why I even bothered to study. It's one of those situations where you finish your exam in a matter of minutes and then just sit there with it completed. I didn't want to the first to hand mine in. There is some bad voodoo involved in that like it curses you for being so arrogant. So, being the superstitious fool that I am, I waited for a few other people to do it first. Hokey fears aside, I still managed to escape my first class within the first fifteen minutes. This gives me an extra hour to seek out coffee and try to wake all the way up.

I've been having this horrible moments of clarity in the very early morning. I don't mind being clear headed but the fact that I have eaten, boarded at least one bus, and interacted in some way with a person or two before I have these flashes of clarity scares me. A long time ago one of my roommates in Texas woke me up because she was late for work. I got up and drove her there in another roommate's car. The really frightening part is that the only real memory that I have of that morning at all is having one of those intense moments of clarity while parking the car. I actually had to call my roommate at her work to ask her what actually happened. She laughed.

Looks like my days of free DSL at home are over. My neighbors are leaving. I don't think that I've ever been so sad to see one of the adjacent apartments empty out. Argh. Back to noding at school, in a computer lab filled with people grunting over spreadsheets.

Trying to think of something to do for Halloween and getting no answers. I should probably just let my girlfriend figure it out since I am a total clod when it comes to social events. Maybe I should just stay home and hand out cherry tomatoes like I did last year.

Note to Self: Ignore the Troll.